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i. 网站责编

this site is produced by veolia water solutions & technologies.

veolia water solutions & technologies
private joint-stock limited company (french "société anonyme") with registered capital of 308.182.176 €,
registered office 1, place montgolfier - 94417 saint-maurice - france
registered with the r.c.s. créteil under the number 414 986 216

telephone: 33

网站责编: 安源和徐松青

this site was registered with the french national data protection council (commission nationale informatique et libertés) (cnil) under the reference 18 86 157.

ii. 网站支持

this site is hosted by claranet.

simplified joint-stock company(french "société par actions simplifiée") with registered capital of 1.400.000 €,
registered office 68, rue du faubourg saint honoré - 75008 paris - france
registered with the r.c.s. paris under the number 419 632 286,
naf code 6311z
duly represented by m. olivier beaudet, acting as chairman.


a. 网站宗旨

veolia environnement group (hereafter "the group") or its subsidiaries, such as veolia water solutions & technologies (hereafter "veolia water solutions & technologies"), provides users (hereafter "users") access to the web site hereof (hereafter "the site") under the conditions hereafter.

by consulting this site users signify their acceptance of theconditions hereof, users undertaking to comply with and respect these conditions as shown per the day of access to the site.

the purpose of the site hereof is the strictly personal and non-contractual information of users regarding the group and its subsidiaries and aims to provide an overview of the group's activities, for information purpose only.

unless otherwise stated, information provided shall not in any case be construed as commercial offers of products or services of the group or of veolia water solutions & technologies in particular.

veolia water solutions & technologies uses reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and update of the information displayed on the site and reserves the right to correct its content at any moment and to its sole discretion.

however, veolia water solutions & technologies cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, update or sufficiency of information displayed on the site. each user fully bears the risk attached to its reliance upon the information thereof.

under no circumstance veolia water solutions & technologies shall be held liable of eventual obsolescence of the information thereof.

b. 尊重知识产权

the site and each elements that compose it, such as in particular trademarks, texts, illustrations, logos, legal names, products, photos, musical animations, or any other distinctive signs are the exclusive property of veolia water solutions & technologies, and of all of its subsidiaries and its technical suppliers.

trademarks and the veolia water solutions & technologies logos used on this site have been registered with the institut national de la propriété intellectuelle in france.

hence, any use, reproduction, adaptation, modification, change, transmission to a third part, in any form whatsoever, in whole or in part, of any part of the site or of any of its elements is strictly prohibited, unless prior express authorization of veolia water solution & technologies, and will constitute counterfeit under articles l.122-4 and l.335-2 et seq. of the french intellectual property code, which may lead to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

c. 个人数据的保护

general provisions

this site is not aimed to receive from users confidential data and generally does not require any users to communicate their nominal and personal details such as name, address, e-mail, profession.

however, collect of certain personal data may be deemed necessary for the use and functioning of the site, in particular for registration of users on the site: personal data collected and kept by veolia water solutions & technologies is data-processed under its sole responsibility.

veolia water solutions & technologies hereby informs users that its data base which may contain these personal details is subject to a decision by the french national data protection council (commission nationale informatique et liberté) (cnil).

such data are likely to be communicated to third parts hosting the site or intervening in its content or management only, excluding any unauthorized third part.

in accordance with the law n°78-17 on "data protection", dated on 6 january 1978, as amended, veolia water solutions & technologies reserves the right to transmit personal data relating to site's users either to comply with a legal obligation, a judiciary or administrative decision, or a decision of an independent administrative authority (such as the cnil).

right to access, to rectify and to oppose disclosure of

in accordance with the law n°78-17 on "data protection", dated on 6 january 1978, as amended, site's users are entitled, at any moment, to access, change, rectify and delete any data concerning them.

users can exercise this right by sending:

  • -either an e-mail to the following address: .
  • -or a postal mail to the following address:

    veolia water solutions & technologies
    website manager: mette friis-andersen
    1, place montgolfier
    94417 saint-maurice

any changes will be made as quickly as possible after receipt of request.

moreover, according to the provisions of the law thereof, site users are entitled:

  • to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of any data relating to them,
  • to object, at no cost to them, to the use of the data relating to them for purposes of canvassing, in particular for commercial ends, by veolia water solutions & technologies, its commercial partners or any controller of a further data processing; this right to oppose disclosure of is exercised directly upon veolia water solutions & technologies, which undertakes to transmit such opposition to its contractual partners to which it eventually had transmitted the concerned personal data;
  • to interrogate the data controller of personal data, here veolia water solutions & technologies, in order to obtain (i) confirmation as to whether the personal data relating to them form part of the processing; (ii) information relating to the purposes of the processing, the categories of processed personal data and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are disclosed; (iii) communication, in an accessible form, of the personal data relating to him as well as any available information on the origin of the data;
  • to require, on the rectification right ground, that the file controller, either rectify, complete, update, block or delete personal data relating to him that are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, expired, or whose collection, usage, disclosure or storage is prohibited, as appropriate.

d. 自浏览器收集统计信息("cookies")

veolia water solutions & technologies wishes to point out to users that certain information neither consisting of personal data nor of data permitting to identify them may be recorded by its servers (browser used, ip address...).

cookies are indeed likely to be automatically implemented upon site users' browser. these cookies are small files of information which record data relating to users' browsing on the site (pages consulted, date and time etc.) in order in particular to facilitate access to the site, and to which veolia water solutions & technologies may have access.

most of web browsers accept cookies by default, but allow internet users reject cookies by modifying their browser's preferences.

however, users acknowledge and accept that if they have set their browser to reject cookies, certain aspect of the site may not operate normally.

for more information on the matter, users are invited to consult the website of the french data protection authority (cnil)).

e. 链接

veolia water solutions & technologies may provide links to other websites which may not belong to the group or to one of its subsidiary.

these third part sites are independent from the veolia water solutions & technologies site.

veolia water solutions & technologies being not able to control the content of theses third part sites, any access to these sites is made under the sole responsibility of site users and to their sole risks.

links to these third part sites in no way implies approval, agreement or adhesion by veolia water solutions & technologies of the content of these sites.

veolia water solutions & technologies hence waives all liability for the content, products, services, and publicity proposed on these third part sites or for any other elements composing them.

users acknowledge that veolia water solutions & technologies is not liable for any damage or loss, known or alleged, as the result of or in relation with the use of theses information, services or data available on these third part sites, resulting of their access or browsing on these third part sites.

f. 责任

veolia water solutions & technologies, its managers or employees, will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting from or connected with this current site which may affect computer equipment or any other good of users, cause technical problems or other rendering access to the site difficult, random, or even impossible, and this, whatever the cause and origin of loss or damage may be.

veolia water solutions & technologies shall not be held liable in the event of force majeure or for any other event independent of its will preventing use of the site.

veolia water solutions & technologies reserves the right to modify, suspend or even stop the dissemination of all or part of this site and in particular links with other sites and/or exchanges between users which may be circulated.

users undertake to neither intentionally or unintentionally introduce a virus or file of any kind which might adversely affect the running of the site.

users are thereby fully liable for any damage caused to veolia water solutions & technologies and/or to any third part as a result of defective, fraudulent, or illegal use and/or exploitation of the site or of one of its elements and shall be held accountable of the consequences of claims or judiciary actions that they may be facing thereof.

g. 适用法律

any use of the site is expressly considered to be belonging to french jurisdiction.

the site hereof is submitted to french law.

in the event of any conflict with other provisions applying to users, the present conditions of use shall be sole applicable, and shall be construed under french law and by tribunals in the jurisdiction of the court of appeal in paris, france, which has been awarded exclusive jurisdiction.